Tuesday, September 20, 2016

EMAIL : WEEK 8 - Facebook and Poem

Wrote 9/19/16 (No pictures this week. But was able to volley just a bit:) Slightly edited/combined letters)

Hey fam!
This week has been good! It's been raining a lot!
Been talking with lots and lots of people! Most of the ward is inactive so we've been trying to meet all the members this week and try and get them to church. Yeah I've gotten my training on the whole facebook thing. But the new facebook thing is way cool. My mission is one of fifteen missions (of the 460ish) that have "online proselyting"! It's such a great opportunity to be able to give our investigators "daily bread" and be able to further there faith every single day even if we just see them once a week in person. We use it as another way to have contact with the members, less actives, and our investigators. I'm able to see pictures of friends and family I just can't communicate with fam.  
I had training on Friday up in Morristown which is about a hour away and it started at 9:30 and went to 3:30. Well we decided to get a bunch of elders together to play basketball at the chapel at 6 soooo we got up at 4:30 and got ready for the day and we went and played ball. Let's just say it was a very long and hard day haha!
So I got the package of Mac n cheese and gummy bears! Thank you! What blanket were you going to send?
Could you send me one of my blender bottles? And maybe any of the leftover protein powder that's left in the pantry? oh and send me some of those eco drinks! The water here is kinda gross so it's nice to have something else. I'd tell you to send some pre workout but I won't haha. There's this poem that my friend shared with me while I was in the MTC and I really really like it a lot. It talks about enduring to he end and missionary work, I read this anytime I need a "pick up".

"I'd been in that hole for a very long time-
In the dark and the damp, in the cold and the slime.
The shaft was above me; I could see it quite clear,
But there's no way I ever could reach it from here.
Nor could I remember the world way up there,
So I lost all my hope and gave into despair.

I knew nothing but darkness, the floors, and the walls,
When from off in the distance I heard someone call,
"Get up! Get ready! There's nothing the matter!
Take rocks and take sticks and build up a fine ladder."
This had never occurred to me, had not crossed my mind,
So I started to stack all the stones I could find.

When I ran out of stones, the old sticks were my goal,
For some way or another I'd get out of that hole.
So I soon had a ladder that was really quite tall,
And I thought "I'll soon leave this place once and for all!"
Then I climbed up my ladder, it was no easy chore -
For from lifting those boulders my shoulders were sore.

So I worked and I climbed and at last had to stop,
For my ladder stopped short - some ten feet from the top.
I climbed back down the ladder and felt all around,
But there were no more boulder nor sticks to be found.
I went back to my ladder and started to cry.
I'd done all I could do; I gave my best try.

But in spite of my work, in this hole I must die,
And all I could do was to sit and think, "Why?"
Was my ladder too short? Or my hole much too deep?
Then from way up on high came a voice: "Do not weep."
And then hope, love, and faith entered my chest,
As the voice said to me that I'd done my best.

He said, "Nothing's the matter. There's reason to hope.
Just climb up your ladder; I'll throw down my rope.
You have worked very hard, and your labor's been rough,
But the ladder you've built is at last tall enough."
I climbed up the ladder, then climbed up the cord.
When I stood at the top, there stood the Lord.

I've never been happier; my struggle was done.
I blinked in the brightness that came from the Son.
I fell to the ground; his feet did I kiss.
I cried, "What can I do to repay they for this?"
He looked all around Him- there were holes in the ground.
They had people inside, and were seen all around.

There were thousands of holes that were damp, dark, and deep.
Then the Lord turned to me and He said, "Feed my sheep."
Then He went on His way to help other lost souls.
And I got right to work, calling down to the holes,
"Get up! Get ready! There's nothing the matter!
Take rocks and take sticks and build up a fine ladder!"

It now was my turn to spread the good word.
The most glorious message that man ever heard.
That there's One who is willing to save one and all,
And we've got to be ready when He gives us the call.
He'll pull us out of the hole that we're in,
And save our souls from death and from sin.

So do not lose faith; there is reason to hope:
Just build up your ladder; He'll throw down His rope."

But I'm doing great here! Each day keeps on getting better and better!
Me and my comp are getting along really well and we are getting lots and lots done!

Love you guys!
Elder Marz

3 Nephi 5:13

"13 Behold, I am a disciple of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. I have been called of him to declare his word among his people, that they might have everlasting life."

"13 He aquí, soy discípulo de Jesucristo, el Hijo de Dios. He sido llamado por él para declarar su palabra entre los de su pueblo, a fin de que alcancen la vida sempiterna."

Monday, September 12, 2016

EMAIL: WEEK 7 - Jersey City, Fearbuster & Thriving

On Sep 12, 2016, at 10:50 AM, Evan John Marz <evan.marz@myldsmail.net> wrote:

Elder Marz and his new companion Elder Jordan
Hey Mama

Fist things first! New Jersey is so cool! The flights were long, the fist flight we were all together (Elder Davis kept falling asleep on me) for the most part but on the second flight we all sat away from each other and we got to place 2 Book of Mormons.
 I got here last week and my first day was a little hazy, you know a little jet lag a little trying to comprehend that I'm actually in NJ now, it's so crazy!
When we got there we went to downtown Newark and we did a "Fearbuster", each of us went street contacting with another elder. It was freaky (cause I was fresh out of the MTC and my Spanish is really rusty) but it was fun. That night we hung out at the mission home. Pres and sister Taggart are so awesome and so sweet. They really love each missionary and want to help each and every one of us. She made us a huge feast! All the kids that came from Mexico just went to town on that food! It was sooo good! We each had interviews with the Pres just to get to know us. We stayed the night and the next morning we had some training about the cars (me and my companion have a car in our area) and some other stuff. And then Pres took us in the gym and we separated the greenies and then started callin out names.

"Fearbuster" in Newark
My companions name is Elder Jordan he's pretty cool. He's from Oregon and has been in the mission for a year and a half. We got assigned the Jersey city area and specifically Journal square (we were doubled out which means that the two missionaries there got replaced with us).  So far the area is awesome! So many people! Lots and lots of different cultures! Most of the people here are pretty nice.

We live in a good part of town (I think haha), it stays pretty calm for the most part. We've been walking around in a few hood places with just a few crazy things but that's about it.

I think you can send stuff to my apartment. We usually see packages in the first room by the mail boxes (the front door is always locked and you need a key to get in so I think it's safe). 

I haven't gotten anything yet but if you do send anything to the mission home then I'll have to wait a week or to to get it from them.

Sooo I've got an iPad now. And it's been so inspired to use technology to hasten the work. We can do skype calls with investigators if we can't stop by there house and if we are given the opportunity to use social media (Facebook). In a week or two ill be on Facebook, I just have to finish my training first. We are able to supply our investigators "daily bread", inspirational videos or talks or other things to further their faith. We can also do group chat room lessons which is really cool! We have a phone as well that we just use to contact people and our zone leaders and district leaders.

My Spanish is coming along nicely. Pres Taggart says not to stress about the language for the first 90 days so I'm not, I'm using more and more everyday. And getting better and better!

We have 6 investigators and 3 with a baptismal date. And we are constantly meeting more and more people who are prepared and ready to listen and accept our message. The people here have been prepared. On Thursday we did a table stand for about a hour and one guy came up and told us that this is the message he's been looking for. He's been looking for something to further his faith in Christ. We gave him a copy of of every pamphlet we had and a BOM and we gave him our number. Super cool guy

Well I'm doing so good here, just thriving and thriving. I love meeting new people, every person has a different story and I love that. I also love that every day is a new day, if I have a bad day I can just put one foot in front of the other and now that tomorrow will be better!

Love you all!

Estoy fantástico!😊👍
With lots of love!
Elder Marz

(2 Nephi 31:20)
"20 Wherefore, ye must press forward with a steadfastness in Christ, having a perfect brightness of hope, and a love of God and of all men. Wherefore, if ye shall press forward, feasting upon the word of Christ, and endure to the end, behold, thus saith the Father: Ye shall have eternal life."

"20 Por tanto, debéis seguir adelante con firmeza en Cristo, teniendo un fulgor perfecto de esperanza y amor por Dios y por todos los hombres. Por tanto, si marcháis adelante, deleitándoos en la palabra de Cristo, y perseveráis hasta el fin, he aquí, así dice el Padre: Tendréis la vida eterna."

FYI: I can receive/read emails throughout the week but I cant email you back till pday, would love to hear from you guys. Send me pictures, thoughts, questions, concerns, anything!😊

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

EMAIL: WEEK 6 - First Day in Jersey


Hey Everyone! I made it to Jersey safe and sound! Its been a really long day, we had to leave the MTC at 1am this morning and we got to Jersey a little after 4pm. Its so cool to be here, its so cool to see New York. We flew into Newark and now we are at the mission house in Mendham. Tomorrow we get our companions. When we got here we got started and got to contacting on the street, it was kinda freaky haha. 

Well I thought Id let you all know that im doing great! 

Love you all!
Thanks for all your prayers and thoughts!
Elder Marz
Talk to you next monday!