Sunday, November 13, 2016

EMAIL: WEEK 15 - 100th Day as a Missionary

WRITTEN 11/7/16

"Wherefore, men are free according to the flesh; and all things are given them which are expedient unto man. And they are free to choose liberty and eternal life, through the great Mediator of all men, or to choose captivity and death, according to the captivity and power of the devil; for he seeketh that all men might be miserable like unto himself."
2 Nephi 2:27

Hey erbody!

Things up here in NJ are going great!

Monday was Halloween and our pday! We had some fun activities. We all met together as a zone at menchies (frozen yogurt place) and our senior couple and we all got frozen goodness to start the day off! After that we were packed with sugar and ready to have fun. We all bought pumpkins to carve and we did that while doing our emails at the chapel. Our senior couple made chili for all of us to eat so it was a pretty fun filled day. And then we went back to the apartment for the night and ate a bunch of pizza and played some uno, made plans for the rest of the week, confirmed meal appointments for the week and went to bed early. It was a fun Monday.

Tuesday we had district meeting and fundamentals training at the chapel and had a bunch of appointments lined up for the rest of the night. Nothing too big.

Wednesday we had coordination with our ward mission leader Cesar at this Colombian restaurant called Noches. It was way good. We got like an appetizer plate with a combination of different types of meat and other stuff, and I like meat so yeah it was worth it. We also taught Ana on Wednesday.

Thursday we had service and met with one of our less active/recent covert kid. His name is William and he has a hard time getting to church because of the family situation. He's the only member in his family and his dad doesn't really like him going to church so it's a work in progress.

Friday we helped with the community garden and did some weeding, some cleaning and some organizing. And then after we went back home and did weekly planing for this next week.

Saturday we helped a member move. Moving here is a real struggle. Apartment hallways and staircases aren't moving friendly. Big bulky tvs (the old kind), shelves, mattresses, fridges, pianos are the things that make moving around really difficult. We had to put a box spring through a 2 floor window because it wouldn't go up the stairs so that was interesting.

Sunday it was fast Sunday and we had ward council after church. I've come to learn that if all the ward leaders aren't on the same page and aren't one in purpose then the ward will not function. Ever since we got here we've been trying to implement different things to help the ward be more unified and so far what we've been doing is helping we think. Later on Sunday we had to go help  another member move. They fed us tacos, lots of tacos! Lots of service this week. 

Well one week is over and now on to another week. We got lots of people to talk to this next week and ready to put some more on date.
Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers!
Elder Marz


I'm doing great. It's been getting a little chilly but I've been staying warm. You can send stuff to my apartment and I'll get it. I don't really know what I want for Christmas:/ remember the magic bullet? It's like a little blender, I was thinking maybe one of those but anything works:)
Transfers are every six weeks. So the next one will happen the Monday right after thanksgiving and it will go into the beginning of January. It's crazy how fast time flies, it's scary to think how 2 years is going to fly by. The days feel like weeks but the weeks feel like days. On Wednesday I hit my 100th day away from home, that's crazy!
Teaching has been good. I've been doing a lot of the leading in lessons lately just so I can get better and better.
Well this week something pretty awesome happened. We've been teaching this recent convert family (Ana- mom, Ralph 19, and Paolo 12 or 13) ever since I got here in September. They were all baptized in may or April so relatively new. We've been trying and trying to get all of them to the temple to do baptisms for the dead and especially bringing your own family names but every time we bring up the temple Ana gets super defensive about the temple. We had now idea why, but she had lots of doubts. One of her doubts was that she doesn't want to ask her full-catholic extended family for permission to do baptisms because she's afraid that she'll offend her family. She's already offended her family by becoming a Mormon so it's a difficult situation. And another thing holding her up is that she wants to go in a year when she can go through the front doors and do her endowment but that's a whole other thing, she needs to experience doing baptisms for the dead. But anyways we were teaching her this week and we were talking about proxy work, and how you can go to the temple and help other family's with their work. And I gave an example that lets say perhaps that I didn't have time or the resources to do family history to bring one of my own family names to the temple to do baptisms, I can still go to the temple and do baptisms for names of other families. Once she heard that she got all these chills and she felt the truthfulness of our message through the spirit and she said she wants to go soon. So we think she understands it now. My mission Pres talks about a pretty important aspect of teaching and it's called 7 times 7 ways. It sometimes takes people 7 different times or 7 different ways to learns something before they understand it and that's what we experienced this week. So awesome!

One of the hardest things this week has been probably been trying to handoff the active members that we see to the home teachers and visiting teachers. We find ourselves teaching in a lot at active member homes and with Hispanics here especially, if you come over once they expect you to come over once, twice, three times a week and if you don't come then they get offended. And we can't be using precious time like that and not have any new investigators from it. So we've been tying to get the priesthood involved a little bit more and making sure that they do their visits every month so the missionaries don't have to as much. Going back to elder Hollands talk! But other than that nothing else this week has been to hard. Learning and using more Spanish.
My trainer elder Jordan has been really good to me. I feel like we've really had a good time together. We both get along really well and he's always pushing me to do better wether that's with my Spanish, teaching, or anything else. We've had some really good laughs! A+ 
We all know that laughter heals the soul! (Side affects of laughter can include: crying, a six-pack, abdominal pain, can't breathe, sweating, and many more haha). Elder Jordan and I have experienced this!

Well we're trying to find more people. We were able to meet a whole bunch people last week and now we have some more investigators to teach this week so that's pretty exciting.
Other than all that I'm doing great. Just having fun teachin, preachin, and talking to lots of people.

Elder Marz

Happy Halloween From New Jersey (Still Week 14)


It is a "mischief Night" in Jersey City so the missionaries had to be in by 6pm. So I ordered them a little pizza party. So fun to "kind of" make him dinner via Dominos online ordering :) 

"So much pizza! Haha "

EMAIL: WEEK 14 - Halloween & Bass Guitar

WRITTEN 10/31/16

Hey everyone!

This week has been pretty mellow, lots of finding and lots of getting to know more people.

Monday was pday and as usual we did our shopping and hung around the chapel, played some ball, and wrote our emails so yeah.

Tuesday was fun. We had district meeting and we had a exchange. Elder meek our district leader switched with elder Jordan and elder meek came with me to my area. Well let's just say it was pretty interesting. First time leading out the area. This is when I really got to use the Spanish I know. Turns out my Spanish is actually pretty good so that's nice to know! Later that night I taught FHE at the chapel. We had a investigator of the sisters come to FHE and one of our investigators too! It was really nice to have people show up. I taught about the sabbath day and why it's important to all of us and why we need to come and partake of the sacrament every week and renew our covenants with God. It was awesome, we had a little activity and then we played some games.

I wasn't ready for the picture but this is the only one that we got that night.

Wednesday we had a few appointments in the morning and then we finished off our exchange at this really good Pilipino bread house.

Later that night elder Jordan and I had an appointment with the Ciliezar family. Super awesome family! They brought one of their friends to church and I think we are going to start teaching her. Awesome fam that feeds us a lot and loves to do missionary work, and these are the type of families that are "Gold" for missionaries, I wish more families were into missionary work like they are.

Oh and brother Ciliezar is pretty darn good at guitar and bass! 

Good old Thursday. We went to service and the Salvation Army. They love it when we come. This sweet little Hispanic lady sometimes buys sandwiches at this little cornerstone for the missionaries that are there helping (2-6) and she gets a table ready, napkins, Arizonas with straws, seriously the sweetest person ever! After service we went by some less actives apartments. It's super hard finding people that actually still live at there address. We have 450 members in our ward but we only know about thirty or so of them and they're the same people every Sunday so yeah we've got a lot of work on our hands!

Friday we did weekly planing for a good chunk of the day. And I got a package from the amazing Peacock family! So nice of them to send goodies not only for me but for my companion as well. We both feel very loved, thanks so much! Oh and the decorations are always the best!

Good way to end the day that's for sure!

Saturday we met with a bunch of members. We were busy all day! It rained Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday. So we knew that alot of people weren't going to be at school or out and about so we went and found some people. We met with a less active later that night who is divorced and has a hard time at home. She fed us and we talked to her kids and this and that, shared an uplifting message and we were on our way after that. I hope she can find some friends in the ward who can help her. Her kids are funny haha

Sunday was a pretty special day. We got to congratulate one of the sisters investigators and his decision to be baptized. His name is Javier and he has a little daughter and he wants to make a good change in his life and for his daughter. Super prepared guy. We are so happy for him. I was able to be a witness for the baptism. Javier wanted Elder Jordan to baptism him, it was pretty awesome that he got to experience that. Hopefully we can get one soon!

Sunday and Monday (today) night we have to be inside our apartments by 6 because it's considered a "mischief night" and we're not allowed to be out cause it can be dangerous. So today is like an all day pday haha. 
Today we are getting frozen yogurt and carving pumpkins at the chapel so I guess you can say we got some fun things planned for Halloween.
Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers for me and my companion:)
Off to another week!
Elder Marz