Sunday, January 29, 2017

EMAIL : Week 24 "SNOW & Staying in Jersey City"

Written Jan 9th 2017

I'm doing good!
I'm staying with elder Johnson for at least another transfer here in jersey city so that's good I get to celebrate by birthday here with all the people I know really well:)... It's weird that I'm almost 19. Yeah that's weird. I'll only have one more birthday on a mission after Thursday!

Other than that I'm doing great.  It snowed like 6 inches on Saturday and all we did was shovel all day long! Our backs were sore Sunday! But I'm ready for a new transfer. We got our new Spanish class going and it's great! More and more people are coming every week! 

I'm having fun and it's crazy how fast these weeks are flying by!
I love you so much!

Elder Marz

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