Sunday, January 29, 2017

EMAIL: Week 23 "Happy New Year"

WRITTEN Jan 2nd, 2017

Happy New Years!

New Years was pretty boring for us. We had 1 meal appointments (a lot less then usual on holidays) and no one was home cause they were all in NYC for the ball drop so it was pretty boring. We had to be home by 9:00 like usual. Yesterday was nice. Church got moved to 1 so we had a full morning of studies and then church and then we had a few meetings and then we went by a recent convert after church to see how he is doing. Oh and then the English elders in our area (just one companionship) came over and I made dinner for the four of us. It was pretty darn good.
Haha I'm glad you liked the cards:)

And for my birthday I'm not really sure. Space isn't really a problem. I can hawl it all around. I don't have to put everything in my suitcases. I've got a couple of those sturdy milk crates that I put stuff in. There really nothing specific that I think.

I had an exchange on Friday. An elder that is in training right now came up with me. His name is elder silliampa. Super cool guy. It was an awesome exchange, we had some fun!

No snow here quite yet, we should be expecting some soon though!

We've been teaching a lot lately with the ward members about new year resolutions and making new goals for this year. What things can they stop or start doing to come closer to Christ this year. Super cool stuff.

We are working with a new guy who's name is Ernesto super cool guy. Hopefully he can progress to baptism soon. Just barely met him on Friday!

That's pretty much it for last week. Not super exciting but now that we are past the holidays we can start working a lot closer with the ward. Sorry I don't have any pictures this week!  Next week I promise I'll have some pictures!
Love you all!

Elder Marz

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