Monday, February 20, 2017

EMAIL: Week 27 "P-Day Bowling and Cake that looks like a FACE"

WRITTEN January 30th, 2017

Hey errbody!

Here's what my week looked like:

Monday: Pday
Went shopping, then to the chapel for bball and emails and you know the rest.  After we had an appointment at 6 and another at 7:30 with our recent convert, we put him on date (which is before transfers so I know I'm going to be here!) to go to the temple with family names so that's going to be super awesome! Our recent convert Santos is such and awesome guy. He was married and baptized in December and now he's in the young men's presidency as the second counselor and he's loving it! It's so awesome to stand back and see how the gospel blesses people's lives including their families. A little bit more about santos is that he likes to fish (So now you can see our connection!) and he said that after my mission he want to come with his family to st George and go fishing! And meet meet and the rest of my fam, it will be so fun. His kids are so awesome, they drew me cards for my birthday:)

Tuesday: English class
We had studies in the morning and then we went to district meeting in union city (like 20 min away), had an appointment with a less active who's trying to find a new job. He has lots of things going on in his life right now so we offered to give him a blessing so he will be comforted and have a clear mind with all this stuff happening. After that we had our English class and it was awesome! Three new people came! Hopefully more will come:)

Wednesday: Missionary Broadcast from SLC.
We had an awesome opportunity to watch a live broadcast from SLC. Some pretty big things are happening! They changed missionary daily (including pday) schedules world-wide! Pretty interesting changes but they are really inspired! Also another change that was made had to do with our key indicators: things we report to our leaders so they can see our focus and how well we are working. Before this broadcast we were reporting 9 different things, 9 different numbers concerning different aspects of the work. They have now cut dropped 5 of those things and now we only report 4 things: investigators confirmed, investigators on date, investigators at church, and new investigators. Not a whole lot but now we really have to focus on not just the "good" or the "better" but now we focus on the "best", all of the changes were so inspired. It's so cool to see how the lord is hastening his work in these latter days.

Thursday: Service and sandwiches and my 6 month mark!
We had BOM mission-wide call with President Taggart were we dissect a chapter in the BOM and with knowledge and wisdom that Pres Taggart has you can say that our minds were opened! Haha after that we went to service with the other elders and then got sandwiches at a little cornerstone that one of the members in our ward owns. We went over to he Greenville elders apartment (they usually come to service with us but elder Shaw was super super sick so they didn't come. There's a virus going around like crazy and almost all the missionaries in our zone have got it but us so hopefully we don't get it!). We went over and ate them there with them just to give them some company. After that we had weekly planning and then a dinner appointment with a member. They we headed over to English class. The same people and more are coming!

We finished weekly planning and we were supposed to have 4 appointments but one flaked but it happens. Had two with members and then went over to one of our eternal investigators (she's only an eternal investigator because she's been taught since 2009 and her kids are members but she's just waiting to be married/not married so it's just a matter of time). We just continue building her faith. She comes to church, knows it's true, reads the BOM. She does everything she's supposed too but can't get baptized yet:( Hopefully something changes so so she can.

Saturday: Cake day
In the morning we had 2 appointments cancel so we decided that we were going to some service for the ward. We decided to make cakes for those families in the ward that maybe we don't talk to or don't see very much just to let that know that we appreciate them and that we are thinking of them. If you had to pick one thing to do for other people to help them it will almost always be service.

Sunday: Special surprise!
So at church we were sitting in sacrament meeting and bishop stands up and tells the congregation that the people that were supposed to give a talk did not show up so he said that the missionaries were going to bear their testimonies. Super awesome opportunity to bear my testimony. As a missionary I am constantly bearing testimony of the things I know are true. It's super important that we learn to share our testimonies even if they are small and simple. When we do that we become more comfortable with sharing what we believe. Went by a members house with one of the young men (David) who was baptized like 8 months ago and now he's getting his mission papers ready, anyways we went to bless the sacrament for an older lady who lives with her mother who is 104 years old! Her body may be old but man is she still young in getting mind. She was flirting with David, telling him that she wants a boyfriend. She wanted a hug from him so he did and she liked it haha it was funny. 

Well that was my week in a pretty large nutshell!
We got two new investigators this week so we are working with some people!

Love you guys!
Talk to you next week!

Elder Marz

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