Monday, February 20, 2017

EMAIL: Week 30 "Transfers... Saying goodbye to Jersey City"

WRITTEN February 20th, 2017
Hey everyone!
Man this week just flew by! (Like every other week as well!)

Well we had transfer calls last night and a lot of changes were made! All the missionaries in our ward (Elder Johnson and I and the two sisters) are leaving and also pretty much the whole zone but 3 companionships are leaving! 
I am going to Dover which is like a hour away, my new companions name is elder Griffith. I haven't met him yet but I've heard a lot of really great things about him, I'll meet him tomorrow at zone conference. Cool fact I'm actually taking the spot of my trainer Elder Jordan because he goes home tomorrow! Crazy how time goes by!
Anyways I'm super excited for the change but also kinda sad. I've been here in this area for six months and I've been able to create awesome relationships with the ward and the people here in jersey city. Had some experiences that helped me grow in so many ways and experiences that I'll never forget. But now God wants me to go somewhere else to meet different people and have more experiences that will help me grow.

This past week has been a mixture of things. Exchanges, deep cleaning of the apartment, getting the car fixed, valentines, being sick with a pretty gnarly cold, and saying goodbyes.

I also I've been able to think quite a bit, I was in bed all day Saturday with a really bad cold. Fever, throwing up, cough, headaches, you name it.... it was bad! But what I was thinking is that every challenge or trial that we have is something that we can learn from. There is always something  to be learned from wether small or large. And what I learned is something that I've been slowing learning while here in jersey city. And it's that service to others helps others with love. Love is something that Christ had, pure love. And when charity and service is present the pure love of Christ is felt, it's so awesome! I just want to let you know that I have felt the pure love of Christ this week.
While I was in bed sick with a cold all day Saturday my companion went out of his way to text all the members in the ward letting know that I was sick. Something amazing happened, the ward came together to help serve faster then I have ever seen. I woke up about noon and my companion had moved a table into our room while I was asleep and he put all these goodies from the ward on the table to surprise me. We had soup, ginger ale, cleaning supplies, medicine, all sorts of good teas, a member dropped off a humidifier for me and some oils. Members wanted to take care of meals for the next few days seriously I felt so loved and thankful for the ward I've been in for six months. It's been hard to help the members have love for each other and other members in the ward, we've been praying and fasting to know how to unify the ward but I really believe that me being sick was the answer to many many prayers.

Also I want to let you guys know of a cool goal that I've had since I left home. My goal was to be able to finish the Book of Mormon every transfer (every six weeks). So far I've been able to meet my goal every transfer! I was able to finish it again earlier this week. So now that makes 5 times I have finished while on my mission. And every time I finish the Book of Mormon my testimony just grows and grows. I know for a fact that the Book of Mormon is true and that there is no way that a 14 year old kid without an education could've written it just to write a book. When I read the Book of Mormon I become over whelmed with the spirit and it's truthfulness. It's so cool! I challenge all of you to set time aside everyday to read a chapter or two, it will bless your lives in so many ways. Remember that the Book of Mormon is the MOST CORRECT book in the world! There is no other book that can help us align our lives with the gospel than the Book of Mormon.

3 Nephi 13:21
"21 ​For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also."

New Jersey Fun Fact: "New Jersey has more Cubans in Union City (1 sq. mi.) than Havana, Cuba."

Have an awesome week!

Elder Marz

I don't think I have much more to report on but one more thing. We were

getting our car fixed and we weren't in our area so there wasn't a whole
lot we could do so we walked over to this mall and found somewhere to eat
and then we saw this little kiosk for getting your eyebrows done and my
comp said that I couldn't handle the pain, I will tell you one thing, I did
something this week for the first and last time... I got my eyebrows
threaded.... yeah you heard that right. I got them threaded and it was so
painful that I probably won't be doing it again haha😂. Memories!

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