Monday, February 20, 2017

EMAIL: Week 29 "More Bowling and More Snow"

WRITTEN February 13th, 2017

Hey everyone!
Here's what some of my week looked like
Monday: Pday and two canceled appointments:(
Well we went bowling again as a zone and I did really good (surprising cause I didn't know I was that good!) (I'm the second one from the top). Went back to the church did some emails and played some ball. We had two (the only two appointments set up for the night) cancel and they were both meal appointments so that was kinda depressing, but it's ok cause we had leftover burgers that a member made for us so we just made those and they were super good!

Tuesday: Zone Meeting and Poor Elder Herbertson
We had zone meeting and we had an awesome training on how to teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ less like a checklist of things for our investigators to have but more of connecting all those things back to Christ. We do all this things follow in Christ's footsteps and it's super important for our investigators to know that. After zone meeting we had to go on quick splits with some other elders. One of them (Elder Herbertson) was really sick and was told to go home and rest but they still had appointments to go to so I stayed at home with elder Hebertson while elder Johnson went with elder silliampa (Elder Hebertson's companion) to all the appointments. Fun little change but we hope that he gets better soon.

Wednesday: Area shut down for a day and exchange with zone leaders!
We had an exchange with the zone leaders which means that elder Johnson and I both went up to union city for the day and night. It was super fun! We went to service at a Salvation Army and served some food up to some homeless people. We did some knocking and street contacting. And then we went to go help them with there wards mutual. It was so nice outside, like in the 50s! We did a table stand for their English class that they have and we talked to like 15 people in the first 10 min! I learned a lot of cool things from our zone leaders on the exchange. Lots of things we can use in our area to make it better. It was a fun little (approved haha) sleepover.

Thursday: Snow....snow.... and more snow
Well we woke up to 9 inches of snow and then it decided to snow the rest of the day so all we did was we went around to members who need help with the snow and we shoveled it for them! Service is the best way to show love!
Friday: We got our car back!
We had to take a little trip to Morristown to pick back up our car because it was in the shop for three weeks and it still needs body work:/ but now we have it so that's good! We had the rest of the afternoon planned out but they all ended up canceling on us:( But we did get the opportunity to meet with our ward mission leader to have coordination so that was nice.

Saturday: Table stands with the English elders!
We've been trying to find new people to teach so we thought we would join up with the English elders and booth it up around in different spots of the city. The crazy thing is is that I live in one of the most populated areas of the US and it's still hard to find people to teach. Yeah you talk to tons of people but not a whole lot of them actually want to listen to our message. It's tough but it's the life of a missionary! Table stands are a pretty good way to get the word out and get some names and addresses so that we can stop by and drop off a Book of Mormon and maybe teach them some more:)

Sunday: Sick day for Elder Johnson:( 
Was getting pretty sick on Friday with a cold and it just kept getting worse and worse. So we messaged our senior couple who take care of us and they told us to not leave the house so we didn't. I made elder Johnson some French toast and some other stuff and he just slept all day. It was a nice opportunity for me to put some pen on paper and write some stuff.

Well this past week was pretty shot so hopefully this next week we'll be a bit more free to do some more finding and teaching.
Love you all!

Elder Evan Marz

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