Monday, February 20, 2017

EMAIL: Week 28 "Exchanges, Bedbugs and more Snow :)"

WRITTEN February 6th, 2017 

Here's what week 28 looked like πŸ‘‡

Monday: Pday and bowling!
I think I sent the pictures of bowling last week but we went bowling! We went shopping and wrote some emails and played some ball you know, pdays are usually the same.

Tuesday: District meeting and a training from Elder Cherrington 
We had district meeting but before that we were waiting for the Bayonne elders at the train station and we went and took some pictures (and of course it was snowing!) and then after we had a training by a senior missionary about using the scriptures more when we teach. It was really awesome. By the time we were done we only had time for one appointment and then English class.

Wednesday: Pictures on the fridge.
We went over to a members house and she had picture of us from Christmas! She is really the sweetest lady ever! She always makes us sooo much food and then she makes us take the extra home! She says in here own words that she is a "missionary forever" hahah she really is though. She always has a friend or her superintendent over  when we are.

Thursday: service and dentist.
We went to service and then Elder Johnson had a dentist appointment. He had 5 cavities! He got three of them taken care of them and then 2 on Friday. And then we had English class later that night.

Friday: More cavities and getting sprayed and exchange!
We had the last dentist appointment and while we were waiting for the doctor Elder Johnson started to spray me with the toolsπŸ˜‚. After that we had an exchange and Elder Forysth came down with me. Cool fact elder Forysth and I actually were in the same ward when we lived in Parker! We had an activity with the young men in union city, we played basketball and they kicked my gringo butt!
Saturday: chinches! (Bed bugs!)
Elder Forysth and I had to go help a member move a sofa that had bedbugs inside of it. It was super sketchy. Bedbugs transfer from you clothes and skin and then they just start to bite you and then you have them everywhere! Soooo after we moved that dumb sofa I'm really hoping that we don't have any! We literally had to move this sofa down 3 flights of "apartment stairs" which means that it was really really complicated! 

Sunday: teaching elders quorum
Sunday was awesome. Testimony meeting was so special. The spirit was so strong. We taught elders quorum. We trained all of the elders on something the mission uses called the Invite. We use it to bring back less actives and inactives. It went super well and hopefully we can get more of our priesthood to come to church because of this. We had two meal appointments after church and we were stuffed!

The weeks just keep on blending together. Transfers are the 22nd and I'm excited to see if I'm staying, I'm probably going to go but we'll wait and see!

Talk to y'all next week!

Elder Marz

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